Why mineral makeup ?

The Mineral makeup is a new approach to makeup. The light, finely crushed mineral powders are very rich in pigments and offer long-lasting coverage and glow without any of the creamy binders found in traditional makeup. Indeed, traditional liquid or cream foundation often ends up feeling like a heavy mask, alterating on the skin after a few hours, and promoting clogged pores and bacterial proliferation. In the USA, mineral makeup was developped according to expert recommendations from plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Because of its softness and innocuousness, its soothing properties and natural level of SPF protection, it was used to meet the special needs of sensitive skins that had been weakened by cosmetic or surgical treatments. It offers a unique combination of  skin care and makeup.

It is a wholesome product …

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic, which lets your skin breathe
  • Naturally anti-inflammatory and soothing
  • Physical protection against UVB and UVA
  • Protects your skin from air pollutions
  • Water resistant
  • Inorganic, hygienic – bacteria do not thrive on minerals, hence no need for preservatives
  • Green, environmentally aware and cruelty free - no products have been tested on animals
  • Talc free, parabens free and bismuth oxychloride (causing irritation) free

… and a glamourous makeup :

  • Full-coverage enhancing mineral foundation and luminous natural colours
  • Provides a flawless velvety complexion thanks to mineral light-reflecting pigments.
  • Natural-looking and lightweight finish
  • Extremely long lasting, with little to no retouching.

A resplendant complexion, with a healthy and natural glow, isn’t it what all fairies want?