1 - Find out your skintone colour :

Classic range:
Cool : for skins with pink undertones.
Warm : for skins with yellow or peach undertones.
Neutral: for skins with beige undertones, without pink or yellow dominant color.

Intense range: Neutral beige colour, suitable for all skin tones.

2 - Determine the tone of your complexion :

Pale : for pale skin, diaphanous.
Light: for light skin.
Medium: for medium skin, slightly tanned.

Classic range: adjustable coverage from light to medium.
Intense range: adjustable coverage from medium to strong.

You will be surprised how easily our colours adjust to your particular complexion, giving you great flexibility in correcting your skin tone :
if you find your complexion is too reddish, then choose a warm or neutral colour to balance it,
contrariwise, if you find it too yellowish, tone it down with a pink or neutral colour,
if your complexion is grey or dull, you can freshen it up with a pink colour or glow it up with a warm colour.

Don’t be scared to custom blend the shades to get the perfect match for your skin.
We offer you sample size to help you test out the quality of our product and find the colours that best work for you. It’s a good way to get started !

Start by applying the mineral foundation under the cheekbone, along the jaw line, preferably in natural light. The shade of the powder should blend in with your complexion.