Minerals Delicacies

Shipping costs

Get free shipping costs from 70 € of purchase (for Europe) and from 80€ of purchase (for the rest of the world). See our "shipping Modalities" section.

Eyeshadow test dose

For every order we offer a test dose of eyeshadow or eyeliner of your choice.
Please indicate the color you want to try in the "Message" zone after you finalize your order.

Gift order

If your order is a gift for a lucky fairy, we can add a card with your message inside.
Let us know your instructions in the "Message" zone after you finalize your order.

The Refill : ecologic and economic

In a small plastic bag, same capacity as the standard jar, the Refill enables everyone to contribute to preserving the planet: we use less plastic, we pollute less and we save money.
You can choose the Refill size for every product in the shop (Foundation, Magic Veil, Sun Veil, Concealer and Blush), except eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Using Refill is easy :
- remove the sifter from the original jar
- clean the jar, the sifter and the cap with soap and water
- pour the Refill contents into the jar (well dried)
- then reset the sifter and close the jar.

This measure ties in our values and involvement for the planet.

Your opinion is precious

We progress thanks to your encouragement, but also thanks to your feedback. Fell free to share your opinion on our products, what you liked and what you did not like, your deceptions and your expectations…

You remain our best source of inspiration and improvement in order to bring you more and more satisfaction.