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Mineral samples to take along in your handbag

You can fill in small sample jars with your powders, to take less space in your case or in your handbag for the touch-ups during the day. To take your jars along avoiding the mess ! To facilitate travelling with your minerals, you just have to place two cotton pads onto the sifter and close the lid. The pads will block the sifter holes to prevent powder from spilling !

Sheer matte effect

Apply Matte Magic Veil as a primer before your foundation, then as a finishing touch on the foundation layer. You can also apply it as a touch- up during the day (the powder being very light, there is no risk of overload).

Mineral blush on your lips

Apply a little blush powder on your lips, then a little gloss or lip balm, for colored, satin lips.

Mixing foundation shades

Note that all the foundation shades can be mixed with one another. You can therefore match a Neutral Pale Foundation and a Warm Pale Foundation to get a slightly warmer shade. Or you can mix a pale tone, with a light one to perfectly match your skintone. In short, when it comes to powders, everything is possible !!

Heavy coverage mineral foundation

Blend your foundation powder with a little amount of corrector powder to get heavier coverage. You can also apply 2 successive (thin) coats of foundation powder.

Vibrant Eyeshadows that light up your eyes for natural sheer finish

Mix Powder Eyeshadow (or Powder Eyeliner) with a little water or Aloe Vera gel for a more structured and precise liner application, a denser colour and a better wearing.
Caution : you should get the brush just a little wet, cover it with powder and apply it patting and pressing it on instead of traditionally wiping the powder on !