The mineral make-up of 3 Fées is 100% natural and healthy:
hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic, protective of UVA and UVB, NO parabens, nanoparticles, preservatives, perfume, talc, bismuth, synthetic dyes, PEG ...

3 Fairies...whisperings, twinklings, palpitations...

We, the fairies-girls-women, are delicate, delicious, refined creatures ....
We like to play with light, color, reflections,
We like to touch silky, shimmering, evanescent materials ....
WE .... YOU .... all the girls who take off their costume of human girl and get back to their true nature of fairies,
and who play with make-up and their magic wand to turn themselves into....
a bird, or a butterfly, or a hind, or a dragonfly .... pfffffff it changes all the time!

We like powders with subtle or intense colors , velvety or shimmering finish,
brushes as soft as caresses,
We want to try everything, mix everything together, create this pink that we seek everywhere and that we do not find,
darken or lighten this creamy beige and make it unique,
make mineral makeup our playground
and explore the delightful possibilities of creating our personal palettes according to our whims!

We have chosen the most natural and purest minerals
to compose our powders so fine and so gentle to our skin.

We have wanted an exceptional quality because the Fairies are exceptional creatures!