• Blush

    The Blush, the cheeks' wardrobe,  with its light texture and delicate hues, naturally blend in the skin and brings a healthy glow to your complexion.

    It gives to the apple of your cheeks a fresh, radiant and cheerful halo enlivening your face as would do a real walk in the  open air.



  • Sunny Veil

    The Sunny Veil is a translucent wonder that attracts light and makes your complexion vibrate. 

    It  warms your face with its golden, luminous caramel, which is neither too yellowish nor too reddish,  sweeps away any trace of fatigue and leaves your skin resplendent.


    Voile Soleil

  • Luminous Touch

    The Luminous Touch is a radiance source. It is a colorless, very light, iridescent and translucent powder, of which pearly micas catch the light, bringing a festive and sophisticated touch to the makeup.

    It is used in touches on the arch of the eyebrow, the top of cheekbones, the neckline, the top of the shoulders...


    Touche Lumière 3 Fées